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Bockhampton Home Invasion – Neighbours Unite

The local population of Bockhampton, up in armswith the unruly behaviour of their local Diptera spitting on property and attacking inhabitants, have taken a stand.  Deciding that ASBO’s were not effective they have equipped themselves with the latest hightec “dunk” gadget to assist with their annual crusade and have introduced the “Yellow Bottle Nose-diver” to the area!!!The Bockhampton Fly, like many Bockhampton residents, does enjoy an occasional tipple and can be completely seduced by their own brand of Rioja with hints of dung and refuse.   This tantalising liquid is incorporated into the yellow plastic plunge pool and the nasty niff attracts the inquisitive bugs to enquire further.  With taste receptors located on its feet they can tell if something is good to eat as soon as it lands upon its chosen banquet – but unfortunately will take its last breath as it becomes intoxicated by the pongy stench of packet number 1 (4 outstanding).  Unlike certain human counterparts (no names mentioned) who just clumsily stumble up gardens following long drunken afternoons, and simply collapse in bed, falling deeply into the land of nod with breaths of “grunting snores”……What’s next for these nasty regurgitators and will the campaign work?   You’ll have to wait for the completion of the 2010 fly census – full details appearing later this year on the Bockhampton Info Website.

[Submitted by Sami]

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